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Q: We're in the process of moving warehouses and I have stock in two locations that were set up for a single warehouse. I've adjusted the minimum and reorder quantity to be in the main screen of the product so that it captures stock at all locations, but it still doesn't appear to be working correctly. For example, we have a product with minimum reorder quantity = 0 so nothing should be displayed on the Reorder page, but it is showing as zero available plus a reorder quantity is displayed on the home page. Can you advise why it doesn't seem to be working properly?

A: Reorder quantity <> 0 will trigger the product to appear on the Reorder section of the DEAR Dashboard. It may also be due to the reordering mode in General Settings > Purchase Process Customisation. If reordering is set on the Product level, reordering will be triggered when the total quantity of the product is below the minimum in all locations. If reordering is set on the Location level, reordering will be triggered when the quantity in the location falls below the minimum reorder quantity.

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